The Gospel


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the message about how sinners can be saved from the just punishment of their sins and live lives of great joy for the glory of the one and only triune God.

It is a message about:

God:  God created everything, including you, and has exclusive rights over how you are to live. God has graciously told us how we are to live. To live outside of His instruction is to live counter to the purposes for which we are made. God is holy and cannot be touched by sin. Everything God does is right.

Humanity:  Mankind was created sinlessly perfect. Adam and Eve disobeyed God and fell from their sinless perfection and all humans born after them are born in sin with a sinful nature and separated from God. Human beings are “lost” in the sense that they are away from God and couldn’t find Him even if they wanted to. Lostness includes sinfulness. Sin is opposed to God and brings us under the righteous judgement of God. By nature people neither want to, or are able to remedy the problem of being away from God and being under His judgement.

Jesus Christ: Jesus Christ was and is fully human and fully God. Sinlessly perfect, never committing a single sin. Since He does not have any sins Jesus was able to offer Himself as a sacrifice for sin. Jesus died on the cross for others, as their substitute and bore the wrath that sinners deserve. He rose from the dead, thereby conquering our worst enemy – death. After His resurrection Jesus returned to heaven and now reigns as King of all the created order. Jesus is the only way to God and He invites sinners to come to Him and be saved. There is no salvation from sin apart from Jesus Christ.

Trusting Jesus Christ: Since Jesus is the only way to God and the only one who can forgive our sins we must recognize that our sins condemn us, that Jesus is the only one who can rescue us from the just condemnation of God, and ask Him to forgive our sins on the basis of his death and resurrection. Coming to Christ means that we leave our life of sin behind us and by His grace live a life of love to God marked by obedience. People who truly trust Christ are changed people.

This is good news!


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