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Social Media, You Will Not Punk Me!

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As I have been traveling in these last three months, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about why I’ve fallen back from Twitter and Facebook. Well, I wanted to articulate it in a blog before I decided to return. Considering that if I do return it will most likely be a reformed version of my previous experience.

Here are the top reasons I left the social media world for months:
*Note: I did not write this so that you would be more impressed with me. However, I do find myself quite impressed that I did step away from the instant gratification of social media. So insert applause now. You knew that was coming!

1. May I Please Be Your Idol?
• I believe many artists have fallen into the pressure of producing an image that appeals to a particular group of people that came before them or a particular group of gatekeepers. In order to impress these people, they build an image of someone they’re really not. Some may argue they are following Paul’s example, but there is a vast distinction between becoming all things to all men to save some and being a people pleaser. What there doing is creating a certain image so that people will think more highly of them so that they will become acceptable in their circles. I did this for many years in a church I attended. I felt filthy and told myself I would never do it again. The standard of what I post will be based on scriptures and the scriptures alone, not if this youth leader thinks his 13 yr old youth member doesn’t think its appropriate for me to talk about something. I will strive to be biblical with every word, however I will not be censored because it brings discomfort.

• I love people. The second greatest commandment is to love people. However, there can come a point in time when your love for people becomes counter-productive in your attempt to grow closer to the LORD. Because I love people and communication, it can be draining to attempt to respond to fifty percent of the people who reply to your tweet or post. I love all the people who think I’m worthy enough to mention on Twitter or Facebook, but we (supporters and myself) have to recognize the predicament I am in. If I reply to everyone, I no longer have a life! I no longer live missional in my community or spend time with my kids. Then, I become a dead-beat dad. No one wants that! But if I don’t reply to everyone’s request I’m labeled as conceited, arrogant and lacking compassion for those who support me. There needs to be a balance. I have to find it.

• I loathe Twitter thugs and Facebook gangstas who spend their lives attempting to unfold some great conspiracy. You, my friend, may need to take a timeout. I refuse to debate you over 140 characters. I’m sure I’ve said some things that have offended some people. I pray that the Lord continues to grow me in his grace, and that I become sensitive to others rebuke. However, there is a difference between confronting a brother in his sin and speaking tough over cyberspace. If I’m that much of a pagan, why do you continue to visit my page and follow me? So many cyber nerds find significance in slamming people over the net. They grow a little “WHO-heart” with every slanderous word. (*I’m in a Christmas mood with the “Whoville” reference.)


2. It’s Still an Incomplete Form of Socializing
• There is so much that is lost in translation when speaking over the Internet. I find that so many arguments, debates and feuds are sparked because of miscommunication that comes from social media. Grown men no longer confront their frustrations face-to-face or even over the phone. I’ve found that many of my friends have become complacent with sending me texts about issues that need to be discussed in person or over the phone. I fear that social media will create a generation of people who send pertinent information via tertiary means. In the long run, I foresee people struggling to handle conflict in person, gossip becoming commonplace and spelling being abysmal!
• People assume relationships because you have spoken with them over Facebook or Twitter. My friends and I have had experiences with particular people who position themselves as friends to our family and spouses just because we are Facebook friends. These masters of cunning strategy use social media to create this pseudo association with intimate friends of ours. They think if they get close to our family, then we will listen to their music or give them a record deal. That’s actually the most ridiculous avenue to a relationship. And it’s quite scary too. I love to build relationships with people, but I meet thousands of people on the road. So please don’t hate me just because I don’t remember you poking me on Facebook!


3. It Becomes Counter Productive.

• Although this time hasn’t quite become what I’ve wanted it to, I have found myself processing and producing more short and long-term goals. Social media has a way of distracting you from those things if you are not careful. Since there is so much information passing through the feeds, you can easily become tossed to and fro with each blurb that tugs at your interest. I’ve experienced countless episodes when I’ve had an agenda to send one particular feed in a short amount of time, only to be detoured by the flood of random thoughts and updates. This person over here is demoralizing a celebrity, while another person is suggesting you watch this video because it’s the funniest thing ever. Next thing you know, you’ve spent three hours looking up Twitter updates, Facebooking and staring at a screen the size of your palm that controls your world. We love information so much that if we are left out of any conversation we feel our day is incomplete. It’s ok to pass up on social media for a couple hours, days, weeks or not be on it at all. Read a book, write a prose or have a conversation with someone that doesn’t include lol, smh, or #justsaying.


4. Am I Really Starved For Fame?

• It was healthy for me pass on the applause to refocus. I use to find my significance in replies and how much people posted stuff on my Facebook page. And when I first heard of Twitter I was extremely hesitant to join. I know that I have a “performance” issue, which means I spend a lot of effort trying to impress people with my humor and intellect. This is one reason I fear celebrity and popularity. I know myself, and I know how sinful I am. I’m thankful that the spirit of GOD is all-powerful and able to starve my flesh. It’s healthy for us to take sabbaticals from the applause every now and then. If you can’t see yourself living without the applause, then you probably are not fit to live for GOD’s glory alone.


I post this to challenge you, while at the same time explaining how the LORD worked in me these past three months. With a lot of prayer and Wheaties, you too can be like me! Get to work and maybe I will get back on Twitter/Facebook.
But I will not be a slave to anything.

  1. Samantha says:

    Okay, I know this has nothing to do with this post, but I couldn’t find anywhere to post questions. Soooo on facebook my friend posted for someone to help her with her same-sex marriage paper, and I thought one of the responses she got was interesting. Here’s what one person said:

    “people are just too close-minded and have extreme difficulty adjusting to today’s society. personally, i blame it all on religion. if the bible, or the qur’an or any other religious text stated in a more complicated way that same sex marriage was okay, then there wouldn’t be a problem with society accepting it. y’know? God created us, with the intention not just for us to prosper as human beings, but for us to love one another. who is to say that god intended for all of us to be straight? who is to say that it’s a CHOICE to be gay? We’re born homosexual, heterosexual, or whatever other things their are. i know that a lot of people probably don’t even wanna be gay, because of the ridicule they go through. it’s not a CHOICE, just like lady gaga says (this is cheesy as beep i know) we were born this way. if god intended for us humans to all be straight, then everyone would be straight. we’re created for loving one another, and whether we love the same sex or opposite sex, it doesn’t matter, we’re still loving, and giving, and caring, and that’s what matters. that’s what the bible teaches us.”

    I especially find the – ‘that’s what the bible teaches us’ – part interesting cause it just seems that she’s not someone who actually reads the bible so how would she know? (I had to bleep out one of the words she chose to use bahaa I’m so funny) -_-

    Soooo yeah, what do you have to say about this? Are there some specific verses in the bible on homosexuality? And how would you respond to someone who said this? Even though I know what she’s saying is not grounded on very much, but she seems persistant.

    • Sammora,

      Just wanted to say thanks for the question. I’mma send a response to you via email. Stay tuned. I’ll try to get you something before the day is out.

      grace and peace,

      p.s- you’ll pay for the car prank…

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