Genesis 20: Liar, Liar…again.

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Devotionals

After a ridiculously long break (since mid- February), we continue making our way through the Book of Genesis. We pick up in chapter 20 with a story that sounds eerily familiar. It involves Abe and his wife Sarah.

Abe and Sarah are still making their way to the land the LORD has promised to give them (Remember chapter 12.) Once again, Abraham selfishly puts his own safety over the well-being of his wife. He tells the King of the land he was visiting that Sarah was his sister (which is part of the truth). He does this because he’s afraid that the King will kill him if admits that Sarah is his wife. Apparently it wasn’t uncommon at this time, if you were a King and you saw a woman you wanted,,,,to just take her….and if she happened to be married then you just knock off her husband….problem solved. Needless to say, Abe was afraid for his life.

The King of Gerar sends for Sarah and takes her into his palace. Then the LORD graciously intervenes…He comes to the King in a dream and warns him that he’s as good as dead if he touches Sarah . The LORD steps in to ensure that Abimelech (the King) doesn’t sin by sleeping with Sarah. And he also works to ensure that the promise that he made to Abraham will actually come to pass. You see…Abraham risked having his wife become pregnant by the King of Gerar. But the LORD promised that Sarah and Abraham would have a son.

Again we see the grace and mercy of the LORD. In spite of Abraham’s sin, the LORD works to protect the promise to give Abraham a son.

The King is spared from sinning. He sends Sarah back to Abraham, but not without charging Abraham up about his deceit. He asked why Abraham would sin against him and bring such trouble on him and his house. In contrast to Abraham’s selfish, sinful actions, Abimelech shows incredible integrity, kindness and generosity. He sends Abraham away with gifts, including silver which he gave as vindication (proof) of Sarah’s innocence (that she didn’t sleep with Abimelech).

To close the chapter, Abe prays to the LORD and the LORD heals Abimelech and all the folks in his house. “ For the LORD had closed all the wombs of the house of Abimelech because of Sarah, Abraham’s wife. (verse 18)



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