Genesis 15: Faith in God = Righteousness

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Devotionals

Okay…so Let’s recap….in Chapter 12, Abe is told to pack up his things and head to a land that the LORD would show him. The LORD also promises that he’s going to make Abe into a great nation. He’s going to have generations and generations and generations of descendants. Up to this point though…Abe has no kids…just his wife and his nephew Lot and Lot`s immediate family.

Chapter 14 closes with Abe refusing to take a handout from the King of Sodom (Genesis 14:21-24). He refuses to trust the King of Sodom or anybody else other than the LORD to make him great. Yet again…Abe takes the LORD at his word and continues to trust the him. Even so… he begins to wonder exactly how this promise of him becoming a great nation is going to come to pass. in verse 1 of chapter 15, The LORD speaks to Abram yet again and this is how Abraham responds,

`…O LORD God, what will you give me, for I continue childless….` Genesis 15:2


Abram didn’t see how the promise God made to him would be fulfilled. He was convinced that he would have no children and that he would have to leave all of his possessions to some other man as an inheritance (verse 2 & 3). The LORD then takes him out beneath the night sky and tells him that his offspring (descendants) are going to be as numerous as the stars and that he will have his “very own son” (verse 4 & 5) Imagine the scene. Imagine what it would have been like to hear those words. It sounds unbelievable….even a little bit ridiculous…..except….the LORD is the one making the promise. He always makes good on his word. You can bank on it! Even the things that the LORD speaks that seem utterly ridiculous and impossible…will come to pass.

In response to the LORD’s words this time, we are told,

“And he [Abram] believed the LORD and he counted it to him as righteousness.” Genesis 15:6


Now…let’s not simply fly by this statement here. Let’s think about what’s being said. Abram listened to what the LORD said was true…what was going to come to pass….even though it might’ve seemed ridiculous, humanly speaking. He had confidence that the LORD could and would do what He promised. And BECAUSE he trusted and believed that the LORD would keep his word and would do what was humanly impossible, THE LORD “…counted it to him as righteousness.”

That is….Abram was regarded by God as righteous because of his faith. Because He trusted and believed God. He gets counted as if he were righteous…not because he actually is….but because of his faith in God. This whole idea of being counted righteous because of faith placed in God is a key biblical concept. It’s massively important.

The chapter closes with yet another strange scene which we’ll deal with next time.

Grace and peace,



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