Mission Accomplished

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Theology

Greetings to the two people that actually check this website! Tonight I thought I’d post yet another theologically sound hip hop song. This one is called, “Mission Accompished” and it’s by Shai Linne. You can check out him and other Christ-centered emcees at www.lampmode.com

Anyway, I wanted to post this song because we looked at the lyrics this past sunday in the youth sunday school class. We just finished up 8 weeks of looking at the person and work of Jesus (who can tell me what that means class???). We finished by looking at the extent of the atonement (trying to determine biblically the answer to the question….”for whom did Christ die” or “to whom are the merits and benefits of his atoning work applied”)

I couldn’t find my copy of Shai Linne’s “Atonement” (the album that this song is from….go cop it!) to play in class…so here you go, class (and anyone else who would like to have a listen). Check it out!

Grace and Peace,



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